Eclectic Living Spaces

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Begin by creating energy. Have some fun and create an amazing energy by merging many different decorating styles. It’s a little tricky but possible to mix contemporary pieces, modern trends and those beloved finds. The challenge is to create balance.  Here are some tips that might help.




Move things around. Eclectic style has less to do with the pieces you choose, and more to do with how you use them. Try using desk as a kitchen island, a bar stool as a nightstand, a door as a headboard or a nightstand as an accent table…think outside the box!




Blend different styles. Don’t be timid.  Two pieces that are really different usually works better than pairing pieces that are only a little different  Helping a lone item fit in can be as simple as adding one or two small accessories, like a basket or throw, in the same style. It’s important to do this in each room, so your entire space has a balanced eclectic feel.




Build a bridge between styles. Another great way to bring differing styles together is with a single piece that acts as a bridge between the two. Pictured above we have paired the antique Asian monkey pod table set with the modern trend canvas. This type of blending works well.




Build a collection. If you have at least three of something, you have a collection, put those items together instead of spreading them around the space. Group other kinds of items together to give them more presence and purpose: Try grouping items by color, shape or theme. This works for art as well as objects.



Balance textures.  Combine aged and worn pieces with some that are snappy, fresh and polished. Too many chipped, aged and rough textures in one room can make your space feel more like a flea market than like the exceptionally eclectic room you are creating.




Most importantly, invest your time, and save some money, hunting at Ruby Road for all the inspired pieces that will go in to your eclectic living space!



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